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The medium of my artwork is digital photography, specialising in portraiture. Each body of work has a theme dedicated to personal experiences and memories I have explored in the past. Using something personal has helped me develop a message through expressing my opinion.

Each body of work creates a form of visual communication with the audience by presenting a contextual message. For example, “Someone’s Silence” and “Dyslexia”, portray an awareness about health, and suggest a symbolic meaning that helps the audience understand the context of the work.

My experience in digital photography did not immediately begin with photography itself. I have studied media before, gaining experience in working with moving images and animation. I further developed my skills by using editing software in post-production, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign, and Animate. Using these skills and knowledge I was able to combine still and moving images in one project, resulting in a successful outcome.


The images are captured either in the studio or on location, either digitally or using an analogue camera. Experimenting with different lighting equipment and set-up over the years has allowed my camera techniques to develop.

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